Apollo Landing Sites

Each of the Apollo missions was fraught with its own dramatic missteps and failures, each represents a litany of firsts, and each reverberates with the echoes of human perseverance, ingenuity and accomplishment.

  • Apollo 11 in the Mare Tranquillitatis (Sea of Tranquility). In addition to equipment, items that remain on site, include: a gold olive branch; Cosmonaut Medals honoring the achievements of Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Komarov, both of whom passed away before the Apollo mission; a disc carrying goodwill statements and messages from leaders of 74 countries around the world.
  • Apollo 12: first precise manned landing on the Moon
  • Apollo 14: first color video images of the surface of the Moon
  • Apollo 15: first use of the Lunar Roving Vehicle
  • Apollo 16: first to land in the Lunar highlands
  • Apollo 17: the final mission of the enterprise that landed humans on the Moon. This marks the last time humans traveled beyond Low Earth Orbit.
  • For a US catalog of manmade material on the Moon, CLICK HERE.